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Single Story for Mom

Point Equity

Annette Ray is one hard working lady, who for the past two years has been helping her husband manage health battles while simultaneously being the full time caregiver for her mother who suffers from dementia.

Life was becoming increasingly difficult for everyone in their upstairs two bedroom condo with a stair chair lift. Annette and her family were referred to us by a longtime Rocklin specialist who let us know Annette was hoping to increase her online lender's pre-approval amount.

After reviewing the tax returns we were able to gross up some income and increase her buying power by $22,000. This extra amount pushed Annette just over$410,000 and she was able to find a wonderful brand new JMC home in Lincoln.

Annette's agent beautifully handled what became a tricky contingent sale and kept JMC well informed and confident we would be able to close. Thanks to everyone's help and Annette's always positive attitude, her mom and husband are now enjoying life in a beautiful brand new home.

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