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Why School District Matters When You Buy a House...Even if You Don't Have Kids

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Buying a home in a great school district is smart, even if you're not a parent. If you've been browsing online real estate listings or talking with your agent, you've likely seen or heard about local school ratings. School district ratings are one of the neighborhood lifestyle statistics you often find in home-for-sale listings, along with data about walkability, crime, and more.

It might be tempting to skip over this info if you don't have kids, If you don't have kids, but don't discount this valuable information. If you're not a parent or don't plan to be one, you might still want to consider buying a home in a "kid-friendly" Sacramento-area or Roseville neighborhood with highly-rated schools.


What a Good School District Means for Homeowners

Investing in a home in a good school district can be good for you as a potential homeowner.

Here's why:

If You Sell in the Future, Your Buyers might be parents.

Lots of people have kids, and your future buyers could very well be parents if you decide to sell down the road. They'll be more willing to pay a premium for a house in a quality school district.

If you put your home on the market in a top school district, you'll have a great selling point to attract buyers with kids. House hunters with school-age children can justify paying more for a home because they'll save money in other aspects of life, such as sending their kids to the excellent local public schools rather than expensive private schools.

You Could Enjoy Better Resale Value.

Neighborhoods with good schools score better in all aspects of the home sales process. Houses in areas known for quality education get more views on real estate websites, sell quickly, and command higher prices than homes in poorly rated school zones.

A recent study from confirmed just how much more buyer interest these homes receive: greater than 40 percent more potential buyers look at homes with good schools than those with poorly rated schools. Homes in good school districts can be valued nearly 50 percent higher than otherwise comparable homes.

Home Buyer's Checklist

You'll Live in a Community With Neighbors Who Care.

Excellent school districts typically exist in stable communities with citizens who value quality education for their children. This type of neighbor will also be interested in keeping the neighborhood safe and attractively well-maintained. This is a benefit while you live there and a selling point later if you choose to move.

Housing Market Fluctuations Are Less Likely to Affect you.

Homes in established neighborhoods with good schools held value through the market downturn that started in 2008. Enduring and appreciating home value can bring you peace of mind for the future.

Your Neighborhood Will Be More Family Oriented

The pleasant hallmarks of a good school district include seeing kids walking down your street in the mornings and afternoons. There'll be dog walkers, lemonade stands, and plenty of neighbors involved in other friendly neighborhood pastimes. Quality schools in the area generally provide an overall boost in quality of life for all area residents.

Your Kids Will Enjoy a Variety of Activities

Excellent school districts are likely to have recreational spaces, playgrounds, dog parks, soccer and baseball fields, libraries, and more. Ignoring the perks of living in a good school district can be a home-buying mistake, even if having children isn't on your radar, or your adult children have grown and moved out.

You're Prepared Decide to Have Kids Later

Buying a home that fits you now and in the future is a wise move. If you become a parent in a few years or become a very involved aunt, uncle, or grandparent, your home and neighborhood will suit your family needs. Your community will already have other nearby children for your kids to play with, good schools (of course), and other family-friendly amenities. You won't need to look for a new home or move again, as some homeowners must when family circumstances change.

Finding the Best Mortgage Option for Your New Home

Home buying is a very personal decision. There are many considerations and trade-offs you'll weigh when choosing the right home to purchase, and considering school district ratings can be helpful to parents and non-parents alike. 

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