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You have choices when it comes to your home loan. We help sort out the best loan options, and handle the details, so you can enjoy the experience.

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A mortgage is a big deal. If done right, buying a house is a good investment in your future, and a memorable experience you can look back on proudly for the rest of your life. We treat your mortgage like a human being is going to live with the results...because you deserve more than a drive-through home loan. 

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Mortgage made human™ means you and your family are the focus of our work. We listen, learn about your story, and roll up our sleeves to help you plan your purchase.

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You have options when it comes to choosing a home loan. Learn about the types of loans we offer, and then talk with an advisor who can help you decide what works for you.

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With a pre-approval letter and a plan, you've got an advantage over the competition. Bid confidently on the house of your dreams, and we'll work to close the deal.

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Learn the steps to buying your first home, and prepare to make your first real estate purchase like a pro.

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We're extremely proud of the work we do.
Here's what our clients say about working with Point Equity.

Every option was explained and what kind of impact would have on short or long run. Everything was transparent - no bundled confusing fees. The process was simple what made home purchase much easier. This is how it should be done.


San Francisco, CA

Super Helpful, Extremely Patient. Made the refinance process so easy and painless. Even arranged for someone to come to my house to sign the paperwork. 


Sacramento, CA

Nick is the "Mortgage Whisperer".This man is an expert in his craft. Absolutely amazing. He knows all of the ins and outs of the mortgage world.


Los Angeles, CA

Excellent Organization.  Worked with Justin Coupe who was very helpful in securing our home loan.  The team was very organized and laid out exactly what we needed to complete the loan process.  Additionally, the communication from them and their overall availability when we need to reach them was excellent.  They were always there for us and made the process very smooth and clear with no surprises.


Roseville, CA

Working with Point Equity to refinance my home was on point! I needed a certain amount cash out but I needed reasonable payments. Alex made sure to keep in contact with me and let me know how best to make that happen.


Roseville, CA

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Empower yourself with knowledge to make smart decisions. These helpful tools and resources will help you enjoy the process of getting a home loan, and feel
confident in your financing choices. 

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