I love living in CA... 


it's centrally located. I can get to the snow, the mountains, and the ocean in less than two hours. We are so close to so many amazing landmarks. Our weather is mild and I love how much sun we get. We are multi-cultural and diverse. There is a lot of employment opportunity as well."  

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Samantha Lane

Sr. Loan Processor | 20 Years |NMLS 923839

916-600-1904 |

I am a mother and wife and have been married for 10 years. I have 3 children… Emily (18) just graduated from Rocklin High School and is now enrolled in Esthetician School. Ethan is (16) and is a Junior at Rocklin High School. Hadleigh is (6) years old and is enrolled in Acton Academy. 2 years ago I followed my passion and purchased a Crossfit Gym. It has grown this last year and is one of the most amazing communities that exists in the fitness space. 

My husbands owns an Amazon business and his warehouse is directly across from the gym... makes it easy to rotate the kids and other parental needs. 

I love fitness, health, and nutrition. I love helping people acquire their dream home or investment properties! I also love saving people money! 

I like to travel with my family. 

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