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How Do You Define A Housing Bubble?

The Pandemic's Impact on Housing and Mortgages

New Home FAQ: What's All This Stuff In The Mail?

When Do You Need a Co-borrower? And Why It's a Big Ask.

Buying a Brand-New Home: The Pros and The Cons

New Construction Home Buying Guide

What Does Vesting Mean and Why Is It Important?

What Mortgage Length Is the Best:15 or 30 Year?

You Qualify for a Big Mortgage - But Can You Afford it?

4 Steps to Buying your First Home

Your Offer Was Accepted!  Now What?

Why Use a Mortgage Broker For Your Next Home Loan

How To Get a Lower Interest Rate on Your Mortgage

When to Stop Renting and Buy a Home

Own the Closing: The Ultimate Mortgage Closing Checklist

Pre-Approved vs Pre-Qualified.  What's the Difference?

Our Answers to the 7 Top Mortgage Questions

Mortgage Insurance: What is it good for and what you need to know?

What, Exactly, Are Closing Costs? Let's Break It Down.

Pictures of Lake Tahoe Cabins Buried in Snow

Facts About Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit

Get Ready Now for the Spring Home Buying Season

Home Theater Projectors are Awesome - Especially for Netflix

Refinancing Facts You Need to Know If You're Self Employed

The Point Equity Staff's Favorite Christmas Comedies

Rules of the Resorts: Skiing and Snowboarding During Covid-19 Restrictions

First Time Homebuyer FAQ: The Starter Home vs Forever Home Dilemma

Holiday Events Still Happening in 2020

5 Smart Home Gift Ideas for Dad

Pumpkin Spice Everything: Our Favorite Food and Drink Ideas for Fall

When Does It Make Sense to Refinance?

Home Buying on Pause While You Improve Your Credit Score?

Can You Refinance a Mortgage with No Closing Costs?

Living in NorCal vs. SoCal: What's the Difference?

5 Totally Bogus Myths About California

The Escrow Closing Process: What Borrowers Need to Know

California Beach Camping 101

Best California Towns to Live in if You Hate to Drive

Getting On the Same Page: A Home Buying Survival Guide for Couples

Best Places to Live in California if You Love Hiking

3 California Mountain Towns More Affordable Than Truckee & Tahoe

10 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes You Can Totally Avoid

What's a Healthy House Payment for My Income?

What is Mello Roos? Understand Before You Buy a House

9 Essential Apps for the Empowered Home Buyer

Should First-Time Buyers Consider a Fixer Upper?

How to Create Your Needs vs. Wants List for Home Shopping

5 Expenses that Often Surprise First Time Home Buyers

Escrow, Impounds, & Prepaids: A guide for first time buyers

When is it Smart to Ask For a Seller Concession?

How do property taxes work in California?

How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Buy an Affordable First Home in California With These 3 Strategies

Why School District Matters When You Buy a House...Even if You Don't Have Kids

Top Financial Questions First Time Home Buyers Should Ask

How is a Fixed Rate Conventional Loan a Conforming Loan

Common Benefits of a Conventional Loan

Top 3 Differences Between Conventional & Government Loans

How to Find More Money for a Down Payment: 5 Awesome Ideas

Easy Steps to Start Saving for a Down Payment

5 Snow Parks In Northern California to Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Adventure in the Redwoods National Forest

Coloma River Rafting Adventures

Alta's Little Bear Christmas Tree Farm

Sacramento's Music Circus

How First Time Home Buyers Can Beat the Competition

5 Mortgage Myths Standing In the Way of You Buying a House

Why the Lowest Interest Rate Isn’t Always the “Best” Rate

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